General Information (Clinton Minor Soccer)

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Opens online January 8th, 2024.



U18 Boys born in 2006-2007


U18 Boys born in 2006-2007

U16 Boys born in 2008-2009


U16 Girls born in 2008-2009

U14 Boys born in 2010-2012


U14 Girls born in 2010-2012

U11 Boys born in 2013-2014


U11 Girls born in 2013-2014

U9 Boys born in 2015


U9 Girls born in 2015

Note: Maximum of 20 players per team and minimum of 15 for U14 and up

Maximum of 12 and a minimum of 10 for U11, maximum 10 and minimum of 8 for U9.

IN TOWN HOUSE LEAGUE (Parent Participation Mandatory)

U8 Boys & Girls born in 2016-2017


U6 Boys & Girls born in 2018-2019

U4 Boys & Girls born in 2020-2021


Note: Maximum of 12 players per team in U8/U6 and 10 players per team in U4

All families are required to be prepared to assist your child’s team. Sign up at registration for duties.

In town House League season is every Monday from May 27 to July 29. 

Travel U9-U11 season 
 starts the week of May 27 until the end of August. 

Travel U14-U18 season
 starts the week of May 8th until the end of August. 

Each travel team will have 1 game and 1 practice each week.  Days of the week depending on age group.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected]