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Opens online January 8th, 2024.



U18 Boys born in 2006-2007


U18 Boys born in 2006-2007

U16 Boys born in 2008-2009


U16 Girls born in 2008-2009

U14 Boys born in 2010-2012


U14 Girls born in 2010-2012

U11 Boys born in 2013-2014


U11 Girls born in 2013-2014

U9 Boys born in 2015


U9 Girls born in 2015

Note: Maximum of 20 players per team and minimum of 15 for U14 and up

Maximum of 12 and a minimum of 10 for U11, maximum 10 and minimum of 8 for U9.

IN TOWN HOUSE LEAGUE (Parent Participation Mandatory)

U8 Boys & Girls born in 2016-2017


U6 Boys & Girls born in 2018-2019

U4 Boys & Girls born in 2020-2021


Note: Maximum of 12 players per team in U8/U6 and 10 players per team in U4

All families are required to be prepared to assist your child’s team. Sign up at registration for duties.

Travel U9-U11 season  starts the week of May 27 until the end of August. 

In town House League season is every Monday from May 27 to July 29. 

Travel U14-U18 season
 starts the week of May 8th until the end of August. 

Each team will have 1 game and 1 practice each week.  Days of the week depending on age group.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected]